Ram Vela Promoted to VP, Corporate Development and Integration

Ram Vela Promoted to Vice President, Corporate Development and Integration at The Vortex Companies

Houston, TX (March 14, 2019)

The Vortex Companies recently announced the promotion of Ram Vela to Vice President of Corporate Development & Integration. Key to the continued expansion and evolution of the Vortex Companies, Mr. Vela’s new role focuses on the refinement of existing processes and the seamless onboarding of strategic acquisitions. “Ram has played a huge part in integrating our internal operating systems and processes with our key acquisitions,” stated Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “This is a critical step in ensuring a smooth transition, not to mention faster acceptance within the organization.”

Since coming onboard, Ram has continued to expand his role in the critical area corporate development. From accounting systems and employee benefits to IT and corporate identity, the lines of communication must be wide open for the swift change. “When identifying an acquisition partner, it’s vital that that both parties understand the critical nature of integrating processes and operations very early on,” stated Mr. Vela. “We want both parties to see the benefit of early adoption to a streamlined process, where we eliminate as much redundancy and miscommunication as possible,” he added.

Mr. Vela, a San Antonio, TX native and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy is no stranger to integration. In addition to graduating with a degree in economics Vela was also a varsity member of the Navy football team. “The one constant in my life that has always translated into success is my ability to garner the collective team effort and prioritize the team or organization’s goals.” For Vortex, this commitment has translated into a key company asset to help bridge operational and cultural gaps throughout the course of an acquisition.

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