Sewer Rehab Robots

For Performance and Reliability, Choose Schwalm Sewer Robotics.

Vortex offers the latest in Schwalm pipeline robotic systems, accessories and custom-built robotics rigs. Schwalm robotic systems are the most durable and versatile systems in the industry. Vortex also offers training courses and service agreements.

Robots: The Schwalm Talpa 1330 and 2060 robot systems are perfectly suited for heavy-duty sewer main and lateral repairs. Schwalm’s rugged design and stable platform integrates with most camera inspection vehicles.

Attachments: Ask about how our chisels, grinders, plug systems to make your Schwalm work harder for you.

AccuPower™ High-Pressure Water Blaster: Designed by Vortex, powered by Schwalm, convert your Schwalm 2060 robot into a 40K psi cutting, cleaning and clearing Machine. Precise… Remove CIPP liners without damaging the host pipe. Powerful… cut through concrete and other debris with ease.

Custom-Built Trailers & Trucks: Send us your specs, we’ll custom-build a robotics system that will reduce your overall equipment costs and improve productivity.

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