VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System

VeriCure is a breakthrough curing monitoring system (CMS), built around Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology, designed to improve the CIPP curing process. Its ability to continuously monitor the temperature during the liner installation helps confirm a more complete cure throughout the length of the host pipe. The result is a fully cured, leak-free pipe, rehabilitated with confidence and verified with data.

By using VeriCure, installers are able to address potential concerns in real time, while engineers and owners benefit from improved QA/QC and a CIPP liner installed to spec.

VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System


VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System

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VeriCure® is a breakthrough technology developed to improve the CIPP curing process. Its ability to constantly monitor the temperature throughout the duration of the liner installation helps ensure a 360° cure throughout the length of the host pipe. The result is a fully rehabilitated, leak-free pipe, cured with confidence and verified with data.

Easy to use, the VeriCure optical fiber cable runs along the invert of the host pipe and is activated once the CIPP liner has been inflated and the curing process begins. With the cable plugged into the control box, VeriCure’s CMS software captures and records the thermal temperature, incrementally, along the entire length of the liner. Regardless of existing flow, VeriCure provides highly accurate and localized temperature data; helping ensure every inch of liner is properly cured.

The VeriCure Advantage

• CMS optical fiber monitors temperature along entire length of CIPP liner

• CMS software verifies the cure and installation

• Achieve full cure in less time

• Reduce labor, equipment and fuel cost

• Comprehensive real-time and historical data

Cure With Confidence

Using the VeriCure® system with the CIPP lining process is simple while improving the quality and completeness of the installation.

  1. Feed the CMS cable into the invert of the pipe.
  2. Insert and then invert CIPP liner into pipe.
  3. Enter project parameters into software.
  4. Begin curing.
  5. Monitor temperature, run report for customer at completion.

VeriCure® FlatTemp Optical Fiber Cable

VeriCure FlatTemp optical fiber cable is our standard cable featuring a rectangular profile that contains GFK elements and aramid fibers. It is halogen-free and possesses exceptional pull force, bend radius and long-term crush properties.

FlatTemp’s durable PVC outer sheath is also marked with feet and meter indicators for fast and efficient insertion and measurement.

FlatTemp comes in 6,234 ft. spool lengths and is perfect for short segments or pipe runs of 1,000 ft or more.

Quad-Cure® Liner – Standard Tube

Quad-Cure Liner – Standard Tube is a nonwoven, needle punched polyester fiber capable of navigating sweeping bends. The liner form and seam bonds through a uniquely designed thermal welding and/or stitched sewing process, that creates an enhanced liner with superior performance.

VeriCure® RoundTemp Multimode Optical Fiber Cable

VeriCure RoundTemp cable is a multimode, ultrabendable optical fiber that delivers the best bend radius (macrobending) performance in the industry. Designed to withstand tight bends and challenging cabling routes, RoundTemp experiences less signal loss than
conventional multimode fiber. This allows installers to use multimode optical fiber in a package that is easier to handle and install.