Vortex Companies Acquires Lining Division Ltd.

Vortex Companies Acquires Lining Division Ltd.

United Kingdom based contractor is highly experienced in CIPP and geopolymer lining for water and sewer infrastructure rehabilitation


(Houston, TX – September 26, 2023) The Vortex Companies (Vortex) announced today the acquisition of Lining Division, Ltd. (LDL), as it continues to broaden its footprint across the Atlantic. Lining Division Ltd., a leading installer of CIPP pressure liner for rising sewer mains (force mains) and geopolymer mortar for structural manhole and chamber rehabilitation, complements Vortex’s products and services growth model. “LDL has always been a quality oriented business and has an excellent reputation with its customers,” states Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “We believe the combination of our technologies, materials, and financial resources will help LDL extend its reach throughout the UK.”


In 2009, Roy Page and Darren Morgan-Owen, founded Lining Division Ltd. with the purpose of partnering with contractors in need of a trenchless lining service to conduct relining applications in wastewater lines. As the company grew, Paul Brooker came on board to lead its operations initiatives. Collectively the three principals built a solid business with an excellent reputation. Both Mr. Page and Mr. Morgan-Owen plan to transition out of the business over the next few months. “We couldn’t have placed LDL into better hands and will follow the company’s success with fondness,” said Page, Company Director.


It is no secret that England’s water and sewer infrastructure need repair. “We recognized an opportunity to provide a valuable service to contractors and local water authorities that had embraced pipe relining as a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement. With Lining Division a part of Vortex, and Mr. Brooker as our partner, we will be in a better position to expand our products and services,” added Quin Breland, Managing Director, Vortex Europe.


About Lining Division Ltd.(LDL)

Located in Bexhill on the Sea, UK based Lining Division Ltd. is a trenchless rehabilitation and contracting services business. With a focus on drain maintenance and drain lining, LDL rehabilitates pipes from 75mm to 1200mm using a variety of Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) solutions. More recently LDL expanded its trenchless rehabilitation offering by adding Geopolymer lining solutions for deteriorated manholes larger diameter infrastructure. LDL

core customers include local water authorities and commercial facilities. For more information, www.liningdivision.co.uk.


About the Vortex Companies (Vortex)

Vortex is a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies. Through its products and services divisions, Vortex delivers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitation products, equipment, services, and field support to the municipal, industrial, and commercial marketplaces. This includes pipe and manhole lining systems; sewer robotics; mortars; epoxies and resin materials; installation equipment; contracting services, training, and field support.


Operating globally, Vortex is focused on providing customers a broad range of industry leading, cost-effective trenchless solutions and technical expertise, best suited for their project needs. For more information, go to vortexcompanies.com.