Wesley Kingery Promoted to COO at Vortex Companies

(HOUSTON, TX – January 18, 2023)  With more planned growth on the horizon, Vortex Companies, LLC (Vortex) is pleased to announce the promotion of Wesley Kingery to Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, Kingery will be responsible for developing a cross-collaboration strategy between both divisions designed to strengthen customer relationships, increase sales, and improve overall service and product quality. “Bringing our divisions together will create efficiency and transparency across the organization to support continued growth and success of our crews and our customers,” stated Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “Wes is a proven leader and I’m very excited to see him grow into this role,” added Vellano.


Kingery, who’s former company VacVision Environmental acquired by Vortex in 2017, has played a key role in the record growth of the Services division, while serving as its president. In his new role, Kingery will focus on syncing both divisions through greater collaboration that will include internal partnering, cross-selling, and improved customer and technical support. “It really comes down to simplifying our approach to delivering total customer solutions, whether that is providing contracting services, products, technology, equipment solutions, or any combination thereof,” said Kingery. “Vortex was built to deliver a complete package. We will empower the sales team to pursue projects and customers, with tailored solutions, to help them overcome their unique project challenges.”


By taking a ‘best solution for the project’ approach, Vortex has expanded to 12 locations globally and experienced double-digit revenue growth annually, since its founding in 2015. “From our people on the ground level to the executive management committee, I believe we have the most talented and hardest working team in the business,” said Vellano. “We’ve managed to grow during a pandemic, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and geopolitical unrest. I can’t say enough about this group and our leadership.”


About the Vortex Companies

The Vortex Companies is a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies. Through its products and services divisions, Vortex delivers a comprehensive suite of rehabilitation products, equipment, services , and field support to the municipal, industrial, and commercial marketplace. This includes pipe and manhole lining systems, sewer robotics, geopolymer, mortar, epoxy and resin materials, installation rigs and equipment, in-house installation services, training and field support; allowing customers the opportunity to select the best fit for their needs.  

Operating globally, Vortex remains focused on its vision of expanding and providing a broad range of industry leading, cost-effective trenchless infrastructure renewal solutions, supported by experienced and trained personnel. For more information go to: vortexcompanies.com.