How to Prevent Damage to Your Underground Infrastructure from Extreme Rain Events

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An excess of rain can bring loads of trouble with it, causing damage to your underground infrastructure.

When it comes the maintenance of your infrastructure assets, it is essential to address flaws in the structure or clear out any debris that can prevent drainage or flow. The presence of floodwaters poses more trouble to your infrastructure asset than you may think.


The existence of debris can cause overflow and many other issues for your infrastructure asset. Whether its settled solids, construction debris, roots, fats oils and grease (FOG), flushables, and similar debris, these collections of debris play a part in preventing proper flowing. This backup of water can build, eventually creating overflow, which ultimately is the ‘red alert’ that you have a problem.

Certain causes of SSOs include blockages, line breaks, or even deterioration of the asset caused by inflow and infiltration. Extreme inflow and infiltration can create massive deterioration and surcharging of the stormwater.

Ensuring that your drainage system can provide an unobstructed flow is of high importance to prevent devastation or heavy fines from governmental bodies.


Inflow and infiltration are major causes for the deterioration of your infrastructure asset when extreme rain events occur and can ultimately result in collapse. When it comes to stopping leaks, filling voids, sealing joints and laterals, or stabilizing surrounding soils, I&I Guard – SSF and I&I Guard PRF are your best bets.

I&I Guard will aid you in stopping inflow and infiltration in its tracks. While excessive rainfall can be inevitable, inflow and infiltration damage is preventable.

Additionally, no matter what kind of debris is blocking the flow of water in your sewer or drainage system, the Schwalm family of robots and complimentary attachments are specifically designed to clean, clear, and cut anything in their way to restoring the operational integrity of your storm, sewer or combined system.

Debris can disrupt the flow of water and if it is allowed to build up in your infrastructure over time, the likelihood of clogging, overflow, or collapse due to degradation of the surrounding soils is high. So, it is imperative that you ensure your infrastructure is thoroughly cleaned and cleared.

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