Vortex Companies Launches Crew Care™ Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

The company’s materials division is now manufacturing and delivering the much needed cleansing and sanitizing product.

(Houston, TX — April 8, 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created shortages of many critical care items such, as hand sanitizer. Out of concern for its own employees, customers and front-line healthcare worker safety, Vortex Companies is producing its own Anti-Bacterial Soap and Hand Sanitizer and will begin shipping it to its own crews this week. Branded Crew Care™, the hand sanitizer is the first in a complete line of crew health and safety-related products to be launched. “The world will change after this and so will our attitude and behavior toward on-the-job safety preparedness. Crew Care will help support this,” stated Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies.

Once Vortex is producing at full capacity, it has targeted several key healthcare institutions where Crew Care hand sanitizer will be donated. Front line healthcare workers face the highest risk and there continues to be an ongoing shortage of this product. “We can help alleviate some of that by donating what we can in high impact areas. We are also making Crew Care available to our strategic partners in an effort to address supply shortages in essential sectors of the construction industry,” said Vellano.

Vortex’s Materials Division, which already formulates and manufactures materials for municipal and industrial use, will begin shipping this week. “This is about the future and not just a short-term reallocation of our resources and manufacturing,” added Vellano. “We have an exceptional team that is fully committed to a long-term supply strategy. This pandemic has created a new normal for business and it is critical for the construction sector to quickly embrace a higher standard of safety and readiness in the future.” Crew Care hand sanitizer can also be purchased on www.shopTRENCHLESS.com.