Vortex Partners With Gemex, Umbral, to Form Vortex Mexico

Vortex Companies Partners with Gemex and its Water Solutions Division, Umbral, to Form Vortex Mexico

(Houston, TX — December 2, 2019)

After months of strategic planning and negotiation, the Vortex Companies officially announced the launch of Vortex Mexico, a joint venture with Gemex and its subsidiary, Umbral, to provide water, sewer and commercial infrastructure repair solutions in key markets and cities in Mexico. “It’s no secret that Mexico’s infrastructure needs attention and collectively I believe we can help bring vital water and sewer services back to life and provide a better quality of life for Mexico’s general population,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “This joint venture marries three companies that have the capability to disrupt traditional methods of delivering repair solutions to the Mexican infrastructure market.”

Vortex Mexico was created to provide proven and cost-effective trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation solutions to address the massive and aging water and sewer infrastructure in Mexico. From large diameter relining of water transmission lines and the rehabilitation of leaking manholes to small diameter water service lines, Vortex Mexico’s experienced personnel, advanced repair materials and equipment are a much-needed solution to such prominent long-standing problems.

About Gemex

Gemex, is an energy centric business group consisting of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals. Its business is focused on delivering results in a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment. “Our vision is to bring together the right people, resources and technologies, then collaborate with cities and contractors to deliver engineered solutions to address the failing water and sewer infrastructure,” said Alvaro Oliver, Gemex CEO. “As a company our interests have always been about environmental responsibility. Water is no longer a commodity, but a critical asset that is vital to the sustainability of modern societies.”

About Umbral

Umbral is a leader in sustainable infrastructure solutions and specializes in integrated water cycle projects, with emphasis in water and wastewater treatment. Its goal is to make wastewater safe for cities and industries while providing a reliable discharge outlet to reuse it as industrial grade water. To accomplish this Umbral brings together experienced professionals and advanced technologies. “In Mexico, we are dealing with a very old water and sewer system,” said Rodrigo Salgado, Business Development Director and General Partner of Umbral. “We estimate the water distribution network is losing anywhere between 30% and 50% of its drinking water from leaks, inferior pipe materials and lack of pressure control. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed and properly repaired and Vortex will help is accomplish this.”

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