I&I Guard®-SCF Single-Component Foam

Low Viscosity, polyurethane injection product for soil stabilization

I&I Guard®-SCF


I&I Guard®-SCF

Technical Data Sheets


I & I Guard® – SCF 200 is a single component, moisture-activated and MDI/TDI blended polyurethane injection grout designed for sealing persistent water leaks caused by large cracks or ill-fitting joints in concrete structures. I & I Guard® – SCF 200 is capable of absorbing up to 12x its weight in water. Foam consistency, 1:1 water ratio. Gel consistency, 10:1 water ratio.

Ideal for manholes, tunnels, pipes, vaults and tanks of all construction materials.


Product packaged by weight based on specific gravity.

• Drum: Net Wt. 484 lbs. (220 kg)

• Pail: Net Wt. 44 lbs. (20 kg)

• Gallon: Net Wt. 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)

• Cartridge: ~10.114 fl. oz. (~ 300 ml)


Store in temperatures ranging from 45°F – 95°F (7°C – 35°C) in a dry environment. Container must remain tightly closed when not in use. Contents are packaged under dry nitrogen to keep moisture out and extend product shelf life.


Recommended for active, high-volume water flow, where large cracks, voids or joints in concrete structures, must be sealed. Effective solution to stabilize moving cracks and joints caused by freeze/thaw conditions and other forms of external pressure.